My new single 'Mercy' was released on Friday 15th October. This song is accompanied by a very powerful video that premiered on 16th October on Facebook and YouTube.

"The video - directed by Mary Duffin and shot in black and white - tells the story of a man journeying to confront the priest who abused him in his youth. Pete Kavanagh himself plays the protagonist, while his son portrays the younger version of the character. Ominous close-up shots and heavy use of Christian iconography hint at the dark underbelly of the story without having to spell it out." - HOT PRESS

“This is a powerful film for a powerful song and an important message. Musicians find immovable objects inside people's pain and this is an important work.” – Holly Csiga


Mercy was originally inspired by ‘Dear Daughter’, the Christine Buckley documentary which moved me to tears. Her voice was strong and her convictions unwavering. She bravely spoke about her horrific experience of life at St. Vincent’s Institutional School in Dublin (Goldenbridge). She had the courage to speak out and worked tirelessly, campaigning on behalf of the survivors of clerical and state abuse and was instrumental in opening a door to enable other victims/survivors to be heard. The struggle continues to this day as the survivors relentlessly continue their fight for justice. 

This has been a huge team effort. I was so lucky to have had the opportunity work with some amazing people on this single - Hallymusic, Graham Hopkins, William McCormack, Pam Kavanagh, Mj Smyth, Mary Duffin, Mary Power-Cooney, Brian McCabe and my son. 

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