Pete Kavanagh dives deep into the emotional trauma being experienced all over the world, encouraging us all to “Hold On”

Straight to RTE Radio 1's Recommends List in 2020


In the Covid-19 era of social madness, media manipulation, and oppressive governmental overreach, it’s become a daily struggle for many across the globe to maintain enough focus to function and not slip into the grips of the paralysing depression induced by such isolated times. Unafraid to speak up when it truly matters most, solo artist Pete Kavanagh is set to release his brand-new single “Hold On” on October 23rd this year in a sincere effort to battle the issues from the front-lines of music

Ready to provide comfort & catharsis by confronting anxiety & authority with the creative freedom, courage, and artistic integrity required to make a resounding impact on the hearts & minds of those who listen – Pete Kavanagh dives deep into the emotional trauma being experienced all over the world, encouraging us all to “Hold On”. 

With our shared humanity threatened by the peril of demoralised times spent trapped in lockdown, mental health issues undeniably on the rise, and no answers to the many questions we all have on the horizon – “Hold On” boldly dares to address what we’re all collectively feeling, and offers authentic solace to the soul through a mesmerising Blues/Rock vibe that echoes the emotional tone of his words. 

Hold On - The Music Video

The video for "Hold On" is derived from an incredible short movie by Michelangelo Ruzzene titled
"Tutto il tempo del mondo - Corto - All the time in the world - Short movie Sub (ENG)" , licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported (CC BY 3.0)
Original Video:
Video edited by Pamela Kavanagh

"Tutto il tempo del mondo - Corto - All the time in the world - Short movie Sub (ENG)"
"The story of a man, a television and a society which is no longer able to assume its responsibilities. Among wine, psycodrugs and pathological indifference, the last hour of a man's life, the mirror of a humanity that has lost all contact with the world that generated it. The short film is a critique of society 'of the liabilities', looking every event as if it was distant and with no effect on their lives. Locked up in a shell of indifference that makes us apparently invulnerable to any event, padded with alcohol, pharmaceutical substances, television and technology. Invincible and still, until the end of the time available for us to fix our mistakes ."
- Michelangelo Ruzzene


Willing to explore the darkness in desperate pursuit of the light, Kavanagh has created a genuine tale of our times that fearlessly documents the damage the distance between us has established, driving the message home through powerfully expressive instrumentation that punctuates the urgency in his voice.  

Sounding every bit on the front-lines of despair as anyone listening would be, wrestling with his own thoughts & emotions as he sings with a magnificent pairing of insightful wisdom & trembling fragility, Pete Kavanagh’s “Hold On” directly addresses what so many are feeling, but cannot find the words to describe themselves.  A chilling exploration of the highs & lows of the current state of the society we share – “Hold On” is profoundly haunting, melodically enchanting, and passionately performed; it’s the perfect combination of mood & music that captures & expresses the essence of the human connection.  


“Hold On” is the follow up single to "To Hold the Red Rose" which was released earlier this year. It reached No. 4 in the Irish Singer-Songwriter Charts and was well received, with airplay on RTE Radio 1, KFM, KCLRFM, Carlow FM, Dublin City FM, Blues & Roots Radio and PLAYIRISH Radio.  Both songs will be featured on his forthcoming album "Join Up the Dots" – follow Pete Kavanagh as he climbs the charts & playlists with authenticity, originality & all-out stunning music.


The single Hold On is available to stream / buy on all platforms including Bandcamp on Friday 23rd October 2020. It's the second single from Pete's debut album, Join up the Dots due for release in 2021. 

For more information or to arrange an interview, please contact Pete on or phone 087 1775754.

Genre:  Folk Rock, Americana, Singer-Songwriter

Sounds Like/Influences:  Tom Petty, The Band, George Harrison, David Bowie

Mood:  Emotive, haunting, melodically enchanting

Theme:  Mental Health, PTSD, Anxiety, Isolation