“Mercy” – Confronting the Colluding Silence 

Release Date:  15th October 2021

We didn’t want to face up to it… You cannot say people didn’t understand what was going on. There was a colluding silence. And that colluding silence supported a state that didn’t want to intervene and assisted this institutional regime.” - President Michael D Higgins

from the Book “The Best Catholics in the World” by Derek Scally. Published 2021.

Mercy is the third single to be taken from Pete’s debut album "Join Up the Dots" which is set for release on November 5th. Soulful and captivating, the album combines country, folk and rock with an overriding Americana feel.


Mercy is a testament from an Irish working man in support of the victims and survivors of clerical and state abuse in Ireland, and indeed worldwide. 

Pete says: “I attended primary school in Ireland in the late 1970’s, a school with an obligatory Catholic ethos. I witnessed daily displays of physical and mental abuse. There was also sexual abuse. The Christian brothers, nuns, priests, teachers and community at large appeared to accept this behaviour as normal.  

By the mid 9o’s, I was an angry young man with a guitar. I wrote songs to vent my anger and express my emotions. Music was a healing force, a form of therapy. It was during this period that I heard Christine Buckley (Dear Daughter) recount her horrific experience of life at St. Vincent’s Institutional School (Goldenbridge) in Inchicore, Dublin. Her story moved me to tears and it inspired “Mercy”. I feel now is the right time for this song to be heard. 

Mercy Music Video

This beautifully filmed video, directed by Mary Duffin, portrays the story of a survivor (played by Pete Kavanagh and his son) who has returned to his hometown to confront his former oppressor. 

It is an emotional journey that will leave you thinking about it long after the video ends. Actors Brian McCabe and Mary Power Cooney's captivating performance brings the stoic, arrogant stance of an institution regime to life.



Music & Lyrics by Pete Kavanagh © Pete Kavanagh 2021 
Musicians:  Pete Kavanagh, Hally, William McCormack & Graham Hopkins 
Recorded, Mixed, Mastered & Produced by Hally at Arthouse Studios


Director and Story Editor - Mary Duffin 
Cinematographer – IrishMJ
Editor - Pam Kavanagh 
Produced by Pam and Pete Kavanagh 
Starring - Mary Power-Cooney, Brian McCabe, Pete Kavanagh and son.

Lyrics - Mercy

Polluted waters 
Bring your son Bring your daughter
Golden bars 
Faraway stars 
Lambs ready for the slaughter 

Plots and Schemes 
Walls and fences 
Children serve a prison sentence
Broken dreams 
Open menace 
Nothing so heavy as emptiness

Mercy Mercy Heaven up there in the sky  
God forgot our wings  
Sister Brother Where is my Mother  
God forgets a lot of things 

Bitter kisses Poisoned lips 
Shattering steel silence 
Crucifixes and penguin slips 
Nothing so heavy as emptiness 
You will never be free of this 
God made the bees and the bees make the honey, Mercy 
Children do the work and the nuns get the money, Mercy 
Little fingers bleed on your sacred rosary beads, Mercy 
Children on their knees as Heaven starts to freeze
Mercy, Mercy, Mercy

You liar You thief You swore to protect me