"Hold On" - New Single Out Now

Pete dives deep into the emotional trauma being experienced all over the world, encouraging us all to “Hold On”.

Willing to explore the darkness in desperate pursuit of the light, Pete has created a genuine tale of our times that fearlessly documents the damage the distance between us has established, driving the message home through powerfully expressive instrumentation that punctuates the urgency in his voice.


pete kavanagh performing in Tommy Fletchers Naas. [Photo by Paul O'Rourke]
I've always been drawn to ‘story’ songs with vivid imagery and characters I can relate to.”

Pete Kavanagh

About Pete Kavanagh

Pete Kavanagh is a singer-songwriter, a musician and storyteller from Co. Kildare, Ireland. His style is best described as contemporary folk. His sound invokes the vintage quality of his musical influences (Bob Dylan, Nick Cave, Johnny Cash, David Bowie), but a contemporary feel that is unique to him surges through it. 

With evocative lyrics and wry wit, Pete explores dark themes in his songs.

Recent Releases

To Hold The Red Rose

Released 10th Sept 2020

Straight to the RTE Radio 1 Playlist. The first single from Pete’s album Join up the Dots is an emotive song of love, hope, family and unity.

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