1. Sweet Friend

Lyrics and Music by Pete Kavanagh © Pete Kavanagh 2020


SWEET FRIEND (Pete Kavanagh)

I know baby that it’s hard
Your man is gone and you’ve fallen apart
You’ve been lost too long in the dark
Hold On
Be Strong
He couldn’t take it anymore
He was broken by that war
Staggered through the fog to the end of the world
He’s Gone
Carry On

You have to take hold of the reins
Learn to live with the pain
And in time life will grow again
My Sweet Friend
At the day’s end

The whole town spoke of the shame
How all he’d left was his name
You and your children have to start all over again
To see it through
To the end
Hold your head high and believe
In all you give and receive
Your love has crossed the mountains and the seas
You have sown what you will reap

Chorus x 2